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Tarquti Energy : 100 % Nunavik-owned enterprise is now in motion

The shareholders of Tarquti Energy (Tarquti), represented by their respective executive committees, met on March 24 in Kuujjuaq to discuss the start-up strategy, on-going and future activities of this new entity. Its mission is to carry out renewable energy projects in Nunavik and contribute to the carbon emissions’ reduction and actions on climate change. This unprecedented initiative is the result of collaboration between the region’s two main economic development organizations.

Makivik Corporation and the Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec (Ilagiisaq-FCNQ) are pooling their expertise and resources for the benefit of the Nunavik energy transition. Their approach for the community projects is to develop, implement and operate them through solid and meaningful business partnerships with the concerned local entities, namely the landholding corporations and local cooperatives. The priority objective is to ensure that the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy remains an activity that is 100% owned and operated by collective, local and regional, Nunavik entities and to maximize the returns and benefits for the communities.

The first Tarquti projects implemented this year are in the area of analysis and research. Weather masts will be installed in five Nunavik communities to collect wind data relevant to the development of renewable energy. At the same time, Tarquti is collaborating with research centers, including Nergica and Hydro Québec, to assess the feasibility of clean energy solutions, like wind and solar power energy, in the region.

Sustainable development of Nunavik by and for Nunavimmiut

Currently, all the electricity consumed in Nunavik is produced by diesel generators, while the Quebec government’s Energy Policy 2030 has set the objective of reducing fossil fuel consumption by 40% in less than ten years. “Canada’s Arctic is especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, the development of renewable energy in our region is an important step towards advancing climate resilience within our communities. Tarquti was created so that this transition can be made by and for the Inuit. Local and regional organizations, united and working together, we’re now moving forward” said Mr. Pita Aatami, President of Makivik Corporation.

Tarquti’s goal is to ensure that projects are environmentally friendly and adapted to the needs of each community, while promoting job creation at the local and regional levels. Therefore, the true and solid partnership with Nunavik’s landholding corporations and cooperatives is at the heart of the business structure for the development, ownership and operation of local projects. “The energy transition is an important development opportunity. We want to make sure that communities are positively affected by this change and benefit from it, leaving none behind” insists Mrs. Mary Johannes, President of Ilagiisaq-FCNQ.

This initiative also intends to enable Nunavimmiut to make their place in tomorrow’s energy sectors by building a knowledge base and developing Inuit expertise in the field of renewable energy.

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