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Sillitik, a successful symposium dedicated to Nunavik’s energy transition

Last August, Tarquti Energy and Pituvik Landholding Corporation hosted Sillitik in Inukjuak, the first clean energy symposium of Nunavik. This event marked an important milestone in the collective effort to take charge of the region energy transition. The 3-day event brought together some 70 Nunavimmiut from various Nunavik communities, as well as more than 15 clean energy experts and government representatives.

Highlights included enriching feedback from the Innavik project, workshops on community engagement as well as numerous participatory presentations on Nunavik energy landscape, clean energy technologies, clean energy projects impact, and energy efficiency case studies.

“Open discussions and knowledge sharing were at the heart of Sillitik. We are more convinced than ever that clean energy projects will be led by our people, and that the region hopes that project development will create value for our communities,” said Kulu Tukalak, president of Ilagiisaq’s Board of Directors and member of Tarquti Energy’s Board of Directors.

“Nunavik’s energy transition is underway, and the success of Sillitik 2023 shows that our communities have strengths locally to reduce their dependency on fossil fuel. This week was an eye-opening experience on the impacts of climate change on our lives and above all on our role, as individual and community leaders, to take action on building clean energy projects on our own terms,” said Eric Atagotaaluk, Project Director of Innavik.

The event was jointly led by Tarquti Energy and Pituvik Landholding Corporation and generously supported by Innavik Hydro, the Kativik Regional Government, the government of Quebec, the government of Canada, Trottier Family Foundation, McConnell Foundation, and Hydro-Québec.


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