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Nunavik renewable energy symposium

Tarquti Energy and Pituvik Landholding Corporation host Sillitik in Inukjuak, the first clean energy symposium of Nunavik. This event marked an important milestone in the collective effort to undertake the energy transition in the region. The 3-day event brought together some 70 Nunavimmiut from various Nunavik communities, as well as more than 15 clean energy experts and government representatives.

The next Sillitik gathering is scheduled in 2025. Stay tuned!

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Over the course of 3 days, the symposium will offer a series of panels as well as participatory workshops to inspire and empower Nunavimmiut to take charge of the clean energy transition. The event aims to build awareness and capacity towards indigenous-owned and led clean energy projects.

Event schedule

Reducing energy needs for homes and buildings and maximizing the use of green energy are the key components of the energy transition. Stephanie Mayer, Sustainability Project Manager at BPA, will present case studies of energy efficiency measures that could be implemented in buildings in Nunavik. Manuel Tapia Vargas, Mechanical building systems designer, will present the adaptation work done in Inukjuak to its buildings’ mechanical systems in order to maximize the use of the green energy produced locally.

9:00 a.m
Break 10:45 a.m
10:45 a.m

With a solid track record in environmental impact assessment, regulatory permits and approvals, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and environmental communication, Pesca Environment will explain the direct and indirect impact of clean energy projects in the arctic. The team will also refer to relevant ongoing studies in Puvirnituq and Quaqtaq for potential wind turbine projects.

11:00 a.m
Lunch 12:00 p.m
12:00 p.m

Facilitated by Janice Grey, Communications and Community Engagement Manager at Tarquti, with :

Melanie St-Georges is a program officer with the Northern REACHE Program at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC). Since 2018, she has worked as an officer on the delivery of clean energy funding and building relationships in the North and is currently responsible for the region of Nunavik. Melanie has spent the last 9 years in the public sector working to advance infrastructure and clean energy policy, programs and projects in northern and remote communities. She holds a Bachelor of civil engineering and a Juris Doctor from the University of Ottawa. While calling Ottawa home, Melanie is grateful for connections and relationships she has formed over the years in the North.

2. Ms. Julie Poulin, Director of the renewable electricity development in the Secteur de l’innovation et de la transition énergétiques of the QUEBEC’S MINISTÈRE DES RESSOURCES NATURELLES ET DES FORÊTS
Her team’s main mandates are the energy transition of off-grid systems, the development of small hydro, wind, solar and biomass cogeneration, and the supervision of Hydro-Québec’s calls for tenders.

3. Mr. Matthew Wadham-Gagnon, P.Eng., M.Eng. Senior engineer specializing in renewable energies, energy transition and relations with First Nations and Inuit Climate and Energy Transition Office Ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatique, de la Faune et des Parcs
Matthew has more than a dozen years of experience in renewable energies and energy transition, including nearly ten years at the Nergica applied research center. He currently acts as a senior engineer at the MELCCFP, where he is notably responsible for transition, innovation and energy efficiency roadmaps for off-grid communities as well as for the First Nations and Inuit of Quebec.

1:30 p.m
Break 3:15 p.m
3:15 p.m

The Bridge Building Group will help participants reflect on the Symposium and consider what insights and actions they will carry forward for their communities and work.

3:30 p.m

Pituvik’s and Tarquti’s team will say a few words to summarize the learning of the symposium and distribute a short appreciation survey.

4:30 p.m

All participants are invited to join a celebration to mark the end of the first clean energy symposium. For the occasion, participants will share a feast and listen to traditional music performed by local artists.

6:00 p.m

Clean energy terminology

This glossary was born out of a need to standardize renewable energy vocabulary and adapt it to the realities of Nunavik. Created in collaboration with some of Nunavik’s leading translators, this glossary will be updated annually in Inuktitut to keep pace with the growth of community projects.

ᐅᖃᐅᓰᑦ ᑐᑭᖏᑦ

A special thank you to Alasie Hickey, and Lizzie York-Epoo, our precious interpreters, for contributing to the overall cause of promoting Inuktitut during Sillitik!

Financial partners

We would like to take the time to introduce you and, more importantly, to thank all those without whom the symposium would never have seen the light of day. Thank you for your support !