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Energy learnings

Renewable energy terminology

This glossary was born out of a need to standardize renewable energy vocabulary and adapt it to the realities of Nunavik. Created in collaboration with some of Nunavik’s leading translators, this glossary will be updated annually in Inuktitut to keep pace with the growth of community projects.

ᐅᖃᐅᓰᑦ ᑐᑭᖏᑦ
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Diesel in Nunavik

As of 2023, Nunavik still heavily relies on fossil fuels. The transition to renewable energy is vital as diesel emits harmful gases and particles that pollute the atmosphere and have negative effects on the ecosystem and human health.

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Development stages of a renewable energy project

Constructing a renewable energy project can be a complicated process. Obtaining the required authorizations and permits alone involves more than a dozen steps. And community engagement is crucial at every stage of the project as it helps mobilize, share knowledge, and build the capacity needed to bring the renewable energy initiative to fruition.

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Climate changes in Nunavik

Climate variations are natural. However, the burning of fossil fuels such as diesel accelerates the cycle. Its use generates greenhouse gas emissions that trap the sun’s heat, causing temperatures to rise.

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Electricity production in Nunavik

The electrical grid that supplies Quebec does not reach Nunavik. All 14 communities of Nunavik must therefore produce electricity using a diesel-powered thermal power plant. Basic electricity concepts are important to better understand the energy capacity of various renewable energy solutions.