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Inuktitut terminology workshop on renewable energy

Nunavimmiut’s involvement throughout the project is at the heart of Tarquti Energy’s values. We couldn’t see a better way to ensure a free-flowing dialogue than by developing industry-specific language in Inuktitut. Last June, Nicolas Duplessis from Avataq, Ida Saunders and Alasie Hickey alongside Janice Grey and Andy Pirti discussed several concepts around renewable energy and natural resource terms such as metals, fuels, and chemicals terms.

“The energy in the room was overwhelmingly positive and productive. The words that needed to be translated were picked apart to their barest, most basic meanings. Technologies like solar panels and wind turbines were (figuratively) broken down and pieced back together in Inuktitut. The results were a comprehensive list of new terminology, easily understandable within context for uninitiated ears.”
—Janice Grey, Community Engagement and Communications Director, Tarquti Energy.

We are proud to present a first organic draft of a public glossary in Inuktitut we intend to periodically review to keep pace with the growth of community projects. You may find it on and access translation and definition by hovering over specific words throughout the website.