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Quaqtaq, a community of 330 people, is located on the eastern shore of Diana Bay near Ungava Bay and 2,100 km north of Montreal. Quaqtaq, ou “Koartak,” means “tapeworm” in Inuktitut. According to lore, this name is the result of a hunter who, in the 1930s, was travelling through the area when he found parasites in his feces.

In 2021, Tarquti’s team installed a wind measurement tower in collaboration with the Tuvaaluk Landholding Corporation to undertake a wind resource assessment and evaluate the region’s wind potential. Given the significant interest of some of its members, the community decided to initiate environmental impact study that include bird and bat assessments, and geo-tech and geomatic studies for a potential wind turbine project. 

In 2018, Quaqtaq collaborated directly with Hydro-Québec to put into service the first ground-mount system in Nunavik, involving the installation of 69 solar panels. The photovoltaic modules’ generates 2% of the total energy produced by the thermal generating station that powers the community. This new technology aims to reduce fuel consumption by 5,000 litres a year, leading to substantial environmental and economic benefits.

If you want to get involved in Quaqtaq’s energy transition, contact the Tarquti’s Community Energy Champion, Daniel Oovaut, at