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Located 4 km from Povungnituk Bay, on the north shore of the major river by the same name, the Puvirnituq is the hub of the Hudson Coast. “Puvirnituq” derives from the Inuit words meaning “where it smells of rotten meat.” The community is well known for its Snow Festival, a bi-annual winter traditional week. The Northern Village of Puvirnituq also plays a vital role in the development of the community, especially since it is administered without a Local Landholding Corporation.

In 2021, Tarquti’s team installed a wind measurement tower in collaboration with the local Co-op of Puvinirtuq and the Northern Village of Puvirnituq to undertake a wind resource assessment and evaluate the region’s wind potential. Given the recent interest of some of its members in the energy transition, the community has decided to initiate an environmental impact study that includes a bird and bat assessment. In the coming months, Tarquti and its Community Energy Champion, Eugene Putugu, are looking forward to partner with the local Co-op and the Northern Village to engage local entities, create a Community Energy Plan and build an Energy Team.

If you want to get involved in Puvirnituq’s energy transition, contact Eugene Putugu at