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Located on the northern bank of the Innuksuak River at about 1,500 kilometres north of Montreal, Inukjuak is a community of 1800 people who are seeking to build sustainable prosperity through a transition towards clean energy.

The community is proud to have created the Innavik Hydro Project, a run-of-river 7.5-megawatt generating station along the Inukjuak river. This project is set to become one of the leading indigenous-owned clean energy projects in North America. This project proves that it is possible to develop clean energy while minimizing footprints on land, water, and wildlife and maximizing positive socio-economic spinoffs for communities. The community of Inukjuak is also home of the first symposium of clean energy in Nunavik, Sillitik, that is scheduled for August 2023. More than 100 people from all over the Nunavik region and beyond are expected to join a series of panels as well as participatory workshops to inspire and empower Nunavimmiut to take charge of the clean energy transition.