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Kangirsuk, a community of 500 people located 2,000 km north of Montreal, is on the north shore of the Payne River near Ungava Bay. Kangirsuk is often referred to as Payne Bay, a fitting reference to its name, which means “the bay” in Inuktitut. This Nordic village is surrounded by lakes and rivers, and the strong tides of the Payne River draw anglers from all over. One of these lakes, Tasialuk (“the big lake”) has an elevation of 100 metres and flows naturally into the Payne River.

The Saputik Landholding Corporation, with the support of Tarquti’s team, is leading a run-of-river hydropower project at Tasialuk, a lake with a 100-metre elevation that flows naturally into the Payne River. A full-feasibility study report has been completed and delivered to the community, or available [here] The team is studying the watershed hydraulicity to find ways of mitigating energy production losses during the coldest months of the year. A wind measurement tower will be installed in the fall of 2023 to collect data on wind speed and direction as well as sun radiation, temperature, and others. Kangirsumiut demonstrates significant interest in renewable energy solutions. Thanks to the Local Nunavimmi Umajulirijiit Katujiqatigininga, the community will experiment with the first generation of solar freezer kits, which will be distributed in the fall of 2023.

If you want to get involved in Kangirsuk’s energy transition, contact Tarquti’s Community Energy Champion, Johnny Nassak, at