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An electrical engineer specializing in clean energy in Nunavik joins the ranks of Tarquti

The Tarquti Energy team is pleased to announce the acquisition of Justin Bulota, an electrical engineer specializing in renewable energy in Nunavik, as Project Development Director. Recognized nationally in the renewable energy industry, Bulota’s mandate is to lead the development, strategy, identification, implementation, and authorization structure of clean energy projects in the various Nunavik communities. His appointment became official on September 7.

With over 10 years of experience in the energy industry, Bulota has an impressive track record and a privileged network of contacts. He is one of the few engineers with expertise in wind energy projects in Nunavik, having led the successful installation of two large-scale wind turbines and energy storage in a mine in the region, all the while exceeding expectations in terms of time and cost. Over the past decade, Justin has distinguished himself by his ability to mobilize a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, and to develop effective strategies specific to the realities of the environment in which he operates.

“Justin’s arrival in Tarquti’s team is great news for all Nunavik communities, which will benefit from his expertise in developing and constructing clean energy projects in remote areas. Bulota’s rigor, perseverance, adaptability, and sensitivity will be important assets for the organization, which has been experiencing great momentum since the beginning of the year with the appointment of Andy and Janice,” says Tarquti’s General Manager, Joë Lance.

Eager to contribute positively to the diversification of cleaner energy and especially to the energy transition of Nunavik, Bulota is also a born communicator and popularizer. He has participated in several conferences and workshops on the challenges of implementing microgrid projects. In addition to his professional accomplishments, he continues to receive significant recognition for his outstanding photography skills.

Together, let’s ensure a green future for Nunavik communities.

Created in 2017, Tarquti is a Nunavik-owned company that carries out clean energy projects tailored to the needs and interests of the region’s Inuit communities. Through its activities, it also promotes local job creation. Tarquti is leading Nunavik’s energy transition and building a better future for the region, one that respects the environment and Inuit values.