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Standing hand-in-hand with local entities

Tarquti Energy was born of a joint venture between Makivvik and Ilagiisaq (Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec). Our goal is to catalyze each community’s strengths toward Nunavik’s energy transition while retaining the social and economic benefits in the region.


What does 'tarquti' mean?

Inspired by the Inuktitut language, the word ‘tarquti’ symbolizes the ivory or caribou antler tool needed to maintain the flame (ikuallak) of a qullik, a soapstone lamp that Inuit depended on for their livelihood. The qullik carries great significance in Inuit culture, although today, it is used primarily for ceremonies and gatherings.

The terminology surrounding the qullik is an appropriate metaphor for Tarquti’s work since the creation of the joint venture. The qullik represents communities, the ikuallak represents energy, and tarquti, appropriately, is the tool used to maintain the ikuallak.

Who are we?

The first and only regionally owned renewable energy developer operating
in Nunavik

We are an instrument for Nunavik communities to develop renewable energy project and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

Tarquti’s community-based approach aims to empower local entities, including local landholding corporations and cooperatives, to take action on climate change while bringing their ideas, interests, and values to renewable energy projects.

We are a privileged partner of Hydro-Québec.

In 2022, we signed a major partnership with the Crown Corporation Hydro-Quebec to advance community-owned and community-led renewable energy projects in Nunavik. We aim to replace a significant proportion of the energy generated from fossil fuels in the region’s off-grid systems.

We receive extensive support from Quebec and Canada.

In recent years, we have consolidated significant investments and partnerships, including $8 million from the MEIE and the MELCCFP to help implement the Politique énergétique 2030, and $5.5 million from Natural Resources Canada to build renewable energy capacity in the Nunavik region.


In action since 2018

The energy transition is essential to shape a better future for Nunavimmiut. We thrive to create value for future generations of Nunavik through community-led renewable energy solutions.

Our team

Working together

Our team is composed of community members eager to contribute to decarbonization, as well as highly specialized professionals with many years’ experience. Together, we are dedicated to realize renewable energy projects and help reduce carbon emissions in Nunavik.


Joë Lance

Director General

Jeanne Gaudreault

Director of Environment and Community Engagement

Adam Gardner

Executive Assistant

Andy Pirti

Director of Community Partnerships and Business Development

Justin Bulota

Project Development Director

Benoit Martineau

Renewable Energy Project Manager

Community Energy Champions

Local Agents

Board of Directors

Our special initiatives

We are motivated by the idea to enable communities to be the true owners and drivers of their energy future. Our several initiatives to engage communities around the energy transition are varied and aligned to the realities of the region.

Local journal on green projects

A short publication created and distributed in collaboration with local entities to share all the hard work going into renewable energy projects in each community.

Renewable energy symposium in nunavik

The Pituvik Landholding Corporation and Tarquti Energy are partnering to host Sillitik, the very first Inuit-led Nunavik renewable Energy Symposium in Nunavik.

The event was held from August 22 to 24, 2023 in Inukjuak.