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Leading Nunavik's renewable energy transition

We are the first and only regionally owned renewable energy developer operating in Nunavik. We are committed to accelerating a community-led green energy transition to significantly reduce dependence on
imported fuels.

Did you know ?

As of now, Nunavik remains almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels.

Diesel has significant negative effects on our sea and lake ice, our country food, our land and wildlife, and, as a result, on our health. It’s time to reimagine a future without diesel.

Our role

Empowering and powering Nunavik communities

We are dedicated to empowering communities on the energy transition and supporting them in developing their own renewable energy projects while they make sure all the social and economic benefits stay in the region.

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From renewable electricity production to energy efficiency

What is energy transition?

We guide the energy transition, a specific and broad concept that involves increasing the supply of renewable energy solutions while reducing the demand for electricity.

Projects in 8 communities

Not only is Nunavik rich in natural resources, it is also home to an innovative and driven population. We are proud to collaborate with local leaders to build capacity at all stages of project development. At this time, we have ongoing hydro, wind, and solar projects in eight communities including a number of wind measurement campaigns.

Our team

Working together

Our team is composed of community members eager to contribute to decarbonization, as well as highly specialized professionals with many years’ experience. Together, we are dedicated to realize renewable energy projects and help reduce carbon emissions in Nunavik.

Trust and collaboration

We work with renowned industry experts to help local leadership use the full potential of their renewable resources such as solar, wind, and hydro.

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Contribute to the renewable energy change

Our team will significantly grow in the coming years. One of our goals is to promote job creation at the local and regional levels and build a knowledge base and Inuit expertise in renewable energy.

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